My Story

My name is Shyloe, I am originally from Maui, Hawaii, currently reside in the Greater Seattle area of the Pacific Northwest, and I would consider myself a late-blooming photographer. 

Growing up, I was always that kid that would carry a disposable camera everywhere I went, determined to capture moments as more than just memories. 

Through the years, my academic and career path has lead me down a more technical and analytic road; in college I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's Degree in Construction Management. The work I was doing and the path that I was on offered me no fulfillment. It started to feel like life was passing me by and as more time passed, the more I felt stuck.

People often asked, "What are you passionate about?" The answer was always easy and I didn't ever hesitate to say photography, but I always felt shy about my answer because my engineering background conditioned me against a creative career pursuit. Eventually, I reached a point where I prioritized happiness above all in my career, and took a leap of faith into photography full time. I am currently in school for a professional certificate in digital photography. 

I find my greatest inspiration outdoors, and when I pick up my camera to photograph a beautiful mountain landscape or a perky mountain critter, I immediately find myself wanting to share this love with others and capture them in moments of awe...the ones that always impact me most. 

Join me on my photographic journey while I capture and document the spectacular landscapes and inspiring humans of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Contact me HERE if you are interested in booking a nature-themed, couples, engagement, pet, or portrait shoot and we can create memories to last forever.